An Emi Funny

I wanted to quickly write down what Emi did on Father’s Day.  We were all sitting around the dinner table about to enjoy a fabulous steak dinner to celebrate our favorite daddy.  Nick started the prayer and then all of a sudden Emi interrupts with her own prayer.  With her little hands folded and her head down she said, “And thank you God for making my mommy NOT have any more babies.”  Every time Nick would start the prayer again, Emi would quietly say this prayer over and over.   Ha!

After prayer time, we began eating our dinner.  Emi then started blurting out “BAGINA!” randomly.  Of course, the big kids were dying laughing.  And Nick and I, in our most serious voices, had to repeatedly say, “Emi stop saying vagina at the table” and  “If you say vagina one more time you are going to your room”.

It was memorable, for sure.