Friday Favorites (03/03/17)


KC’s new haircut!  She is still adorable as ever, but this will be so much easier to maintain.  The weather is getting nicer and we’re spending more and more time outside.  Maggie has even started jumping in the pool just about every chance she gets.  And we all know…monkey see, monkey do…so it’s only a matter of time before KC is swimming, too!


All the Spring buds and blooms that are happening in our backyard!  Everything is turning green and coming alive again.  I love this time of year! I love being able to open up all the windows and let the fresh air fill our home!


President Trumps Address to Congress!  I loved his message, and I love the direction he is moving this country.  So proud to be an American!


Our new living room rug!  Finally, I found a rug that fits well in this space, is durable, washable and soft! And upgrading the rug pad underneath was definitely a good choice.  It makes it so soft to walk on.  We are all loving it!



Luke got a 100 on his recent math unit test!  He was so proud of himself and, of course, I am so incredibly proud of him as well.  Seeing his face light up as he pulled it out of his backpack to show me was definitely a favorite of the week!  Go Lukey!