It’s GO time! NCA Allstar Nationals 2017


Whew! Olivia survived her first NCA Allstar Nationals!  And so did Mama!  This was our first two day competition, and two days worth of makeup and hair wore me out!

I’m pretty sure I said “why can’t you just play soccer”  at least a dozen times while I was trying to get her winged eye liner just right.  Speaking of, have you ever tried to do winged eyeliner on an 8 year old?? “Don’t move!!!  Don’t touch!!!  Look at me!!  Stop moving!!!”  These are the sounds of cheer makeup.

And then there’s the tease.  Bigger is better and even bigger is best.  And it’s so much more complicated then you’d think.  In order to get the perfect cheer pony, one must tease the hair so that it stands up taller than the cheer bow.  But here’s the catch…you want the hair to move like hair should move.  You tease and tangle the crud out of the hair, but it shouldn’t look tangled.  It should look smooth and beautiful and still blow in the wind.  Say wha???  I’m getting better, but after seeing the professional teases this weekend I realize what a rookie cheer mom I am.  So much precision involved in the BIG TEXAS tease.  Who would have thought?

So our hair and makeup was on point, but unfortunately, this was not our weekend.  Nerves got the best of them and both days were shaky.  They came in 7th place overall and it stung.  Olivia was very disappointed. They work so hard.  But in the end it comes down to those 2 and a half minutes they are on the floor.  It hurts my mama heart because I know what they can do.  I watch their practices, I see them hit at practice. And all I can do is hug her tight and encourage her to keep working, keep fighting, and one day soon it will be their day.  I have no doubt this team can and will do amazing things.  The coveted NCA jacket is what every competitive cheerleader is after.  And so I just keep reminding her that the work is worth it.

Fight on, Sapphires!  #theworkisworthit

We will always be your BIGGEST fans, Olivia!!

After day two, we were able to watch Coach Katy compete with Spirit of Texas Purple Reign!!

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