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For the first time in a LONG time, it’s SATURDAY and we have NO PLANS!  It’s been raining here a lot this past week, which means the soccer fields are closed for games and practices.  And, as much as I LOVE watching my sweet girl play some soccer, I equally LOVE a lazy Saturday morning filled with snuggles, pancakes, and cartoons.

Nick and I have a new favorite show we’ve been watching together.  SECRETS and LIES.  After you get over the fact that Ryan Phillippe is a grown-up and has an 18 year old daughter, the show will suck you in.


Nick had to travel to New Jersey for a few days this week, and Emily comes down with STREP THROAT less than 6 hours after his plane lifted off. There is some written rule that says when Daddy is away, someone will start to vomit. Luckily she was completely back to her normal, giggly little self the second Daddy walked back in the door. ;)

Having a sick little all week and not being able to leave the house did allow me to get a few things around here that I’ve been putting off. I got most of the laundry washed (it may not be folded and we may not be able to sit on the couch due to the mountain of clothes, but at least it’s CLEAN!). I also organized the pantry and a few of the cabinets in the kitchen, printed and laminated several cheat sheets for around the house (rules for when home alone, ABC’s of good character, sibling rules, etc). Oh and somewhere in the mix, I managed to finally get some shrubs planted around the pool.

Olivia’s cheer practices started last week and they are pretty intense. I’m not sure she (or I) realized exactly what we were committing to, but I do know this will be a growing year for her. She is going to learn what it means to commit to something and follow through. She is going to learn that HARD WORK pays off and that if you want to excel at something you have to put in the time. I’ve been very proud of how she has handled herself during practice, even during tough times. She has not fallen apart once. She just keeps trying until she gets it right. There have been a few tears shed from other girls, but so far Olivia has been able to keep it together and not get discouraged.

Last Sunday, when we arrived at practice, a movie was being filmed at the diner next door. I have no idea what movie it was, but someone said something about it being some kind of feature film that will be in the movies. Hmmm…not sure about that, but it was interesting to see.

On Monday, we enjoyed some time in the sunshine and the girls played “Sea World”.


And finally, I made the cutest little dinner on Tuesday. Mini Chicken Pot Pies! They were a big hit with the kids.

That just about sums it up…overall, a great week (minus the sick Emi ;). Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

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