Life Lately

Do you guys ever feel this way?? Like all you really want to be doing is sitting on the couch watching ‘Terra’s Little Family’ (am I the only one who loves this show??) but instead you have three kids to take to the dentist (yes, I said THREE!), homework to help with, dinner to make, soccer games to cheer at, bills to pay…you know, grown up stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom, I ADORE my children, and I EXPLODE with pride watching them play sports. But…dentist appointments, grocery shopping, dinner making…sometimes I just need a DAY OFF!

I am going on just about 6 hours of sleep (compared to my usual minimum 8 hours) and I’m definitely feeling it. My mood is just off. My sweet Sissy Monster “couldn’t sleep” last night. So at midnight, I found myself being spooned by my very cuddly, affectionate 6 year old. And while I couldn’t sleep a wink, it only took about 2 minutes in this position before she was breathing heavy and sweaty and I knew it would be safe to escape slip out quietly. As I laid there last night, I realized these moments with her are getting further and further apart. She is needing me less and less and becoming more and more of a big girl. And this makes me all sad and happy at the same time. Being a mom is such a roller coaster of emotions. Sigh.

Okay so back to life lately… We are on the home stretch of school and the countdown to summer has officially begun! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. This will be the first summer we have a pool in the backyard and I can already hear the giggles and splashing and smell the hamburgers grilling. CAN NOT WAIT.

Luke is enjoying his first season of lacrosse. It’s such a fun game to watch and we’ve all enjoyed learning the rules. Olivia is in the middle of her second season of soccer with the Sparks. She is consistently getting “a foot on the ball” and gets in there and fights with the other girls. She has come so far since last season. Emily is doing swim class once a week to prepare her for summer and she is doing so well. In the last two weeks, I noticed a big difference in her ability and she even goes under and swims for several seconds by herself. She has two little friends doing the class with her which makes it even better.

And finally, the last and probably BIGGEST update as of late…OLIVIA GOT HER EARS PIERCED!!! I’ll do an entire post on how that went down later, but I will say I was quite impressed with this little girl.