Life/School Update

So much has happened since I last updated. Once again, I have dropped the ball on updating the blog. No surprise. Life has been exceptionally busy these last several months.

First of all, I finished my first semester of nursing school! And, I am happy to report straight A’s and a clinical excellence award. It was grueling at times, tested me emotionally and physically, but somehow I survived. Going back to school as a mom of three busy kids is tough. Going to nursing school as a mom of three busy kids is tougher. And going to an accelerated nursing school as a mom of three busy kids is, perhaps, the toughest thing I have ever done. The content is challenging, but the quantity of information and the pace of the classes is what makes it so tough. Everything moves extremely fast and leaves no time for down days. There is work to be done every single day. It is relentless. But it has also been so rewarding, personally fulfilling, and exciting. I am pursuing a dream and that feels amazing.

I miss my kids ALOT. I have missed out on so much this past year and a half. I have had to walk out the door numerous times to a sleepy, messy headed little girl begging for just one more hug and questioning why I have to go. It breaks my heart and at times I question that myself. I have to constantly remind myself, and my family, that this is a temporary season of life. It will be over before we know it and then we will celebrate BIG! I understand that this is a huge sacrifice for my entire family, not just me. We are all missing out on things. There is no way around it…this is HARD.

My prayer is that, though it may be hard, my kids will see the hard-work, dedication, and persistence that it takes to pursue a dream. I pray that I am leading them by example and that one day, when they face something hard in their lives, they will have something to look to and say “it may be hard, but I can do it…I will not give up, and it will be worth it!” After all, my kids are the reason I am doing this. My first job will always be “mom”. A career in nursing is a way for me to enhance their lives by increasing our family income, modeling hard-work, and showing them that “you can do anything you set your mind to”.