Life Update

“If you were in a butt-wiping contest, you would win.”

– Emily, 5

This pretty much sums things up. I’m an expert “butt-wiper” according to my sweet baby child.  I should probably preface this by saying that she can actually wipe herself.  She just prefers mommy to do it.  Apparently, because of my unmatched ability to clean a hiney.  It was a very thoughtful compliment.  I’ll take it.

So much life has happened since I last posted.  Emily is half-way through kindergarten.  Luke is finishing his last year in elementary school.  And, Olivia is a big 3rd grader who just earned a bid to the Superbowl of Cheerleading, aka The D2 Summit!!  And why is this so exciting, you ask??  Because we’re going to DISNEY WORLD!!

Some other noteworthy happenings include

  • We filled the KC sized hole in our hearts that we didn’t even know existed. ;)  KC is a silver, buff American Cocker Spaniel and is 9 months old.  We adopted her when she was just a wee tiny little pup at 12 weeks old and she is just as sweet as can be.  She is smart and playful and funny and loves Maggie.  Maggie likes her okay. Ha!
  • We updated the kitchen by having the dark cabinets painted white and replacing the backsplash tile.  Next up is new carpet throughout the entire house!  And on my wish list…new granite, extend wood floor into kitchen, and backyard landscaping.
  • We went to DISNEY WORLD for the first time!!  It was a complete surprise to the kids.  My sisters and their families and even Nana was able to join us!
  • Luke played tackle football and broke his thumb.  He was in a cast for a few weeks and then right back at it.  He’s a tough one, for sure!
  • The big kids got hover boards for Christmas.  Aunt La La tried to ride one.  There is more to that story.

My plan going forward…update this blog at least weekly.  I want to remember these precious days with my kiddos and I know that my memory will fail me.  This is for them.  This is for us.  I love so much looking back at the posts from when they were even smaller.  So many things I would have forgotten if I hadn’t taken the time to write about them.

So there’s that.  And also, I’d like to push myself creatively.  I don’t exactly know what that means yet.  I’ve taken a step back from photography.  I don’t know if it’s just part of the creative process or just part of my creative process, but I need time away.  A fresh start and a new perspective.

I’ve also been working hard to declutter in 2017.  I’ve made some real progress in a short amount of time, but there is still so much more to do.  Perhaps, I’ll share that journey here as well.