on the move!

I feel like the only pictures I get of Emily these days are of her crawling away. And there is a good reason for it, I suppose.

The girl is on the move! She never stops! She figured out this crawling business and has taken off. And she’s so fast too. She can be half way up the stairs in the amount of time it takes me to throw away a diaper! True story. Rest assured, we know have baby gates up at all times. This little monkey is on a mission and reminds me so much of her big brother. He was such a busy little boy and was constantly out smarting me when it came to getting into mischief.

She has also learned a few tricks recently. She started doing what we call “are you sweet?”. You ask her if she’s sweet and she pulls up one shoulder and presses her cheek to it and then squints her eyes. It’s so ridiculously sweet! Apparently this is what I do when I talk to her some times and she just started doing it back. I never actually noticed that I was doing it until she started to mimic me. Sweet girl!

We’ve also been working on some baby signs. So far she can do the signs for “milk” and “more” and we are working on “eat”, “mommy”, “please”, and “all done”. She gets so proud of herself when she does one too and then will clap for herself.

She will be 11 months old in 3 days. Slow down little one. You’re growing up too fast.