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A quick Christmas update…

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here, as usual. Pawpaw made the drive all the way from Austin to be with us while Grandma spent Christmas with G Mummaw. We started the evening off by opening presents from G & P. They were so excited and kept asking if it was 4 o’clock yet as that’s the time we told them they could start opening. Luke got a pair of brand new Vans, a gum ball machine, and a shooting game. Olivia got clothes, a gum ball machine, and a set of Neverland Girls books. Emi got a tiny gum ball machine, a backpack with cute little disney princesses, and clothes.

Next, we went to a beautiful, candle-lit Christmas service at our church. They had glow sticks for the little kids, but you know that just wasn’t good enough for Em. She insisted on holding my candle and insisted that I not touch it at all. She kept swatting my hand away, threatening to scream at any moment, wax running down the sides and a huge flame dancing around as she waved it excited. I’m just glad we didn’t catch anyone’s hair on fire. :)

After church, we headed over to Nana and Papa’s for goodies and a gift exchange. Emily fell asleep on the way over, but woke up ready to go once we arrived. We ate way too many cookies and snacks and then when the kids couldn’t stand it for a minute longer, we passed out gifts and let them go. Luke’s gift from N & P this year was a skateboard ramp, skateboard shirt, and a skateboard rack for his room. Olivia got a pink tumbling mat, clothes, a “this is my handstand shirt” t-shirt, bath stuff, pjs and an Olaf necklace. Emi got the cutest hanging puppet theater, puppets, clothes, bath stuff, Frozen necklace, snow globe, and pjs.

We got back home about 11 o’clock and the kids were eager to get to bed. They didn’t want to miss Santa! Christmas morning started about 5:30am with Luke waking up first, of course. :) Luke’s big gift from Santa was an electric guitar, amp, and headphones. Olivia’s big gift was an octagon back handspring mat, and Emi got her very own American Girl doll and closet.

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