School Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated.  Here’s the quick version…

I’ve completed API, APII, Microbiology, Intro to Professional Nursing.

I am currently taking Chemistry and Sociology.

I still need to take Pathophysiology and Pharmacology.

I submitted my application to the upper division nursing program at UTA on January 15th for the Fall 2018 start date.

I should know by April-ish whether or not I have been accepted.  *fingers crossed*

I started working at Baylor Scott & White Mckinney as a Health Unit Coordinator for Labor & Delivery.  I love it!  Everyday is exciting and new and I feel like I am learning so much by just being there.  Plus, I love everyone I work with.  It really has been great.  Another bonus is that I am officially considered to be “partnered” when it comes to my nursing school application.  In other words, it increases my chances of being accepted into the program.

My classes are going pretty well this semester.  I’m keeping my grades up and the kids have adjusted to a new routine of me working.  All in all, things are good.  Just chuggin’ along.