2019 Goals

We don't plan to fail, we fail to plan!

This year is going to be busy, busy, busy! It is going to be necessary to be extremely organized and prepared to accomplish all of the goals I have for myself.

First, let’s talk about school goals. I plan to complete my Junior 2 semester of nursing school with straight A’s and my sanity intact. To do this, I am going to need better time management. I need better routines, more efficient use of my time, and a stricter sleep schedule. I also need to prepare and plan healthy meals and snacks so that I do not fall into the same old habits of junk food and late nights.

Next, I have some house goals. I would like to get trees planted behind the pool, paint the garage, and replace the granite and tile in our kitchen. To accomplish this, I will try to pick up extra shifts at work (when my schedule allows), I will be more conscious of our spending in other areas, and I will spread these projects out throughout the year (Spring, Summer, and Fall).

And finally, I have family and personal goals. For our family, I would like to make “date nights” a priority. Not just for Nick and I, but also date nights with the kids. I recently surprised Emi with a fun day out together and I was reminded of just how important (and fun!) these outings are.

My word of the year is PLAN. It takes a plan to accomplish any goal and I realize “the plan” is the part that often trips me up. When I plan, I succeed. When I fail to plan…it’s a plan to fail. So planning in all areas of my life…school, meal prep, family time, etc.

Here’s to the best year yet! Bring it, 2019!