weekend with g-ma

Luke has named my MIL yet again. At first he called her Mummaw (because he couldn’t say Grandma)…then that transformed into Ni-ma (don’t ask)….and this weekend she was G-Ma. She is hoping that G-Ma sticks since it’s kind of a hip version of Grandma…haha. Anyway, Luke had a blast spending time with G-Ma and was in the best mood all weekend.

Friday night we went to eat at Outback and he was SO good. He sat down the entire meal, colored on the coloring page, and was just overall very pleasant and sweet and enjoyable to be around. This is something that hardly ever happens when we eat out, especially at dinner time. Go Luke!

Saturday we decided to go to Canton, despite the fact that I am 9 months pregnant. I ended up on a scooter which Luke thought was pretty cool. It was really hot but I found some cute things for the house so it was definitely worth it.

Sunday we went to church and then grilled kabobs outside and Daniel and his girlfriend came over. After we ate we went swimming at the neighborhood pool. We could only find one of Luke’s floaties but that didn’t seem to slow him down one bit. He was canon balling into the baby pool and swimming all over the big pool by himself.

This pic is from last weekend when he had both floaties, but it shows the ridiculous set up we have going on…

Again, we are still working on his picture smile…he says “cheese” and has started posing for me…oooohhh, the life of a photographer’s kid…poor little guy.

I had BH contractions pretty much all weekend, but I am getting used to them now and don’t get as worried about them. I think it’s just my body gearing up and the baby seems to be happy for now so I don’t think anything is going to happen any time soon. I have another OB appt on Tuesday and then I start going every week. I still need to pack my hospital bag, but that is it. I am getting SO excited!

I will post a 36 week belly shot later today. Nick took one last night and I was shocked to see how HUGE I have gotten just in the last week.

I am taking Luke to the Wiggly Play Center today with my friend Erin and her two kids. Luke always gets so excited to see Reese…I think he might have a little crush on her :)

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